Our Story

What Sets Apart This Apparel Line From Others?

Rooted Outline was created by minorities for minorities to leave a deep-rooted impact. Minorities are often overlooked, but we prioritize you, the minority, to have a fighting chance in life.

How Long Have You Been In Business?

Rooted Outline started off as a brand creating minority-supporting art early 2017. It transitioned into an apparel brand in January 2019. 

So What Is A Minority?

A minority are those who don't make up the most. What is routinely thought to be considered a minority is an African American, Native American, Pacific Islanders, Asians, etc. Those aren't the only ones, but these are always spoken about. With just a narrow mindset, it begins to divide those who only look at color and location as the final determination. A minority can be a woman who's career is of a white-collar worker. It could also be a person of any ethnic background doing something that isn't commonly known to be done within their community.